FSG Brochure for International Students


Japanese ≫ English

257 international students are studying in FSG College League. FSG is the place where international and Japanese students study together to improve themselves by leaning from each other.

FSG has accepted international students from 20 countries and regions.

FSG International Center provides full support for international students!

Courses Selectable Depending on Language Level

If you are good at Japanese, join the regular international courses with Japanese students.
We have the specific courses for international students, if you would like to study anew Japanese.

Learn professional studies
(with Japanese students)

Regular International Courses

Select a professional area to study among 5 FSG affiliated schools.
Hotel, tourism, healthcare, cooking, etc.

Learn Japanese + professional studies
(courses for intl. students)

International Business Course

Business Management Course
Hotel Sightseeing Course

International Art & Design College
2-year course Male & Female
Develop human resources who learn
business skills to work globally and bridge
between Japan and their home country.

Intl.Automobile Service Course

International Information Engineering Automobile College
2-year course Male & Female
Aim at acquiring the class 2 automobile engineering licenses.

International Electrical Course

International Information Engineering Automobile College
2-year course Male & Female
Obtain qualification of Second-Class electrician to work as a professional electric worker.

Study Japanese

Japanese Course

International Art & Design School
1.5 or 2-year course Male & Female
Japanese proficiency & Japanese culture.
Students aim to continue to a higher school.

Fully Support Your Dream "Work in Japan!"

Many of our students receive a job offer when graduating because we provide professional education in such fields as Japanese, business administration, hospitality, automobiles, IT and electrical engineering that are required to work in Japan.

Mr. OKOROA FOR KENNETH ONYEBUCHI is engaged in interpretation and translation in English at Honda-Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (graduated from JO-BI International Business Course in 2016).

We hold recruiting sessions and external seminars for international students. We establish the support system for job hunting in collaboration with many companies.

Ms.CHIT CHIT WAI fulfilled her dream receiving informal job offer as an IT engineer from SCALA, an IT company in Tokyo (graduated from WiZ Intl. IT & Game Course in 2019).

We have enough practice classes with both Japanese and international students.

You can participate in many activities you can experience in Japan.

Japanese-Style Vocational Guidance and Reliable Qualification Acquisition Program

It is critical to master Japanese manner when getting a job in Japan. We support you with a wide range of certification exams as well as Japanese language proficiency tests, boasting a high acceptance rate.

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